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Frequently Asked Questions

The stairlift needs to stay on its charging point at all times. You will get an alert if your stairlift is not on the charge point.

Yes, stairlifts are extremely safe. They run at a slow speed and have a secure seat belt to keep you safely strapped in during your ride.

You can purchase extended coverage to ensure the preservation of your high-quality stairlift.

Technicians will arrive between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on the day of the appointment. You will receive a text message and confirmation email to remind you of your appointment time.

Our partner Acorn Stairlifts' price is determined by you and your loved ones' specific needs. Each stairlift is custom-made to fit the requirements of the customers’ homes and needs. Fill out your information to get a free quote with no obligation to buy.

Most stairlifts at Acorn can be shortened. An Acorn-approved technician will do it to ensure a safe and dependable product.

Yes, it will continue to run on the battery. It will run for a limited number of trips.

0.15 meters per second (0.34 mph)

A stairlift can hold up to 159kg (350Ib) (25s).


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